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All Applicants - Statement of Confidentiality
Aggieland Pregnancy Outreach provides confidential services to many people in need. As a volunteer, you might come in contact with some of our clients or learn about some of their stories. It is important that the confidentiality of such information is protected. We ask that you adhere to the following guidelines in order to protect our clients.

  • Do not discuss details of clients' stories with those outside of Aggieland Pregnancy Outreach.

  • If you desire to add a client's concern to a prayer chain, do not mention a name, just a brief comment about the struggles and remind them that the Lord knows all the details.

  • Occasionally, someone in the community may find out that you are involved with APO and may ask if ______ is an APO client. Do not give out that information. You may say that the identity of all APO clients is confidential so you are not at liberty to say.

  • Never discuss a client with another staff member or volunteer in a social setting where another person could overhear.

  • Never discuss client problems with other agencies, physicians, etc. without the clients' prior written consent.

  • Always keep in mind: If you were the client, would you want to have your trust betrayed?

I have read the above statement of confidentiality and agree to follow these guidelines.*
Have you ever been convicted of any felonies and/or misdemeanors, which prohibit you from working with or within the same vicinity of minors.*
Are you on criminal probation, parole or working off community service hours for the courts?*
Please note: APO does not offer service hours to meet requirements of probation, parole, or other court obligations.
I understand that I must be at least 14 years old to volunteer.*
If I am between the ages of 14 and 17, I certify that I have discussed this volunteer application with my parent or guardian and I have been given permission to volunteer at Aggieland Pregnancy Outreach, Inc.
Do you agree to allow Aggieland Pregnancy Outreach, Inc. (APO) and its affiliates to use your photograph and name for any and all promotional purposes?*
I waive and release any and all claims for damages that may arise and/or for any type of injuries or losses I may incur while volunteering with Aggieland Pregnancy Outreach, Inc.*
  Thank you for your application. The Volunteer Coordinator will contact you soon to talk about the next steps in the process.   
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